Ocyropsis crystallina

Ocyropsis crystallina is an oceanic ctenophore rarely seen in the São Sebastião Channel. Its body can reach 9 centimeters, but usually is between 2.5 and 5 cm. It has two lobes with strong musculature, which acts as "wings." They can escape from danger by clapping their lobes, so that the jet of the water drives them backwards very quickly. The lobate ctenophore Ocyropsis crystallina are not hermaphrodites, based on morphological, histological and experimental evidence. The Ocyropsis crystallina is dioecious (having female and male sex organs in separate individuals). The Ocyropsis crystallina may have some milky bumps on the outer surface of their oral lobes. This species swims actively through movement of the oral lobes and moves rhythmically, usually two or three beats followed by a rest period. It is bioluminescent. When disturbed at night, it will produce a greenish blue light.
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