Euplokamis dunlapae
The tentilla of Euplokamis dunlapae differ significantly from those of other organisms in the Order Cydippids. They contain striated muscle, a cell type not common in the phylum Ctenophora; their muscles are coiled when relaxed, while the tentilla of all other ctenophores elongate when relaxed. Euplokamis dunlapae's' tentilla have three types of movement that are used in euplokamis.jpgcapturing prey: they may flick out very quickly (in 40 to 60 milliseconds); they can wriggle (acting like worms), and they coil around prey. The unique flicking is an uncoiling movement powered by contraction of the striated muscle.
The Euplokamis dunlapae has a maximum body length of 2 centimeters and is shaped like a football.It is transparent and is red pigmented on their tentacles. When it is disturbed, it releases blobs of luminescent material. They can be found in the waters of San Juan Islands and British Columbia.